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        Halogen Free Flame Retardant Manufacturer

        Fireproof Coating

        In homes, office and public buildings, if there is the building material without protection, once breaking out of fire, the building material such as steel structures, metal sheets, wood, plaster and concrete will gradually lose intensity and become easy to collapse. However, if these building material are coated with special coating, then the heat would be blocked, which will lengthen the survival time.  

        Presafer high polymerization ammonium polyphosphate (EPFR-APP series) can provide protection for these building materials. Compound with acrylic resin/epoxy resin/polyurethane resin, EPFR-APP series can be used to make the ultra-thin intumescent fire-proofing coating, and in this respect, presafer has rich experiences, which can help customer to figure out the special solution in a cost-saving and efficient way, and meet the fire protection requirements and achieve other regulation.

        Compatible system:

        Ultrathin intumescent fireproof material





        Dosage %

        Fireproof standard

        Fireproof coating



        No surface treatment APP, particle size is largger than APP222H, good viscosity stability and flame retardancy.


        GB 8624           GB12441                        GB 14907                   CNS 14705                 UL263                               UL 1709                         BS 476                             EN 13501                        WNIIPO                    



        Melamine formaldehyded APP222H, good 

        water resistance,excellent flame retardancy.




        Compound intumescent flame retardant for coating, good water resistance.




        Compound intumescent flame retardant for coating.


        Remarks: APP222H can take place to APP224 and APP263 can take place to APP262 with the same dosage. Actual dosage please 

                           refer to TDS.

                             Cross beam test

        2.0mm thickness coating intumescence

        Lab test, compact carbon layer
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