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        Halogen Free Flame Retardant Manufacturer


        According to the research on the fire causes, improper textile will help fire spread. Now in the world, there have been the fire protection requirements regulated indomestic and foreign standard. Different end use of textile complies with different flame retardant requirements. For example, in USA, the textiles used in the automotive component must pass FMVSS 302. In Europe, the textile used in building must satisfy ISO 13501. Therefore, it will be wise to choose the flame retardant based on the textile’s end uses.

        Compatible system:

        Aqueous coating for textiles, oily coating for textiles.


        Recommended product


        Dosage %

        Fireproof standard



        No surface treatment, good viscosity stability, excellent flame retardancy.

        10~40 (or close to emulsion solid content)

         BS 5852            CPAI84              CA117                FMVSS 302     FAR 25             NFPA-701


        silane treatment, good water resistance, soft feel, good flame retardancy.

        10~40 (or close to emulsion solid content)


        Melamine formaldehyded APP222H,good water resistance,excellent flame retardancy.

        10~40 (or close to emulsion solid content)

        Remarks: APP222, APP224 can take place to APP222H and APP263 can take place to APP262 with the same dosage.Acutal dosage

                           please refer to TDS.

        flame retarded chair coverage buring test
        flame retarded textile burning test
        Chair coverage buring test
        Fabric burning test in the lab
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